A Style Guide for Your Outdoor Trips This Season

Summer is a month for outings, social gatherings, BBQs, beach parties, hikes around mountains, and days spent relaxing on the poolside. And when you’re spending your days on vacation, being this relaxed and laid-back, it’s also essential to be wearing the right outfits that make you even more comfortable. Because if you have a perfect day planned out, but you miss out on choosing the right look to go with it, you’ll be starting your day off on the wrong foot. 

To help you maintain the ease and comfort of your day, we’ve come up with a guide to help you style your summer look for all outdoor trips you’ve planned out. Read them below. 

Outfits to Match 

Smart-Casual Khakis, V-Necks, and Moccasins

Khakis, commonly known as Chino pants, are a staple in men’s wardrobes when it comes to blending a smart-casual style with a semiformal one. They’re a comfortable choice for summer and can be pulled off in a variety of styles. But the best way to style your chinos or khakis is to wear them with v-necks. 

The combination of v-neck shirts with your chinos is one that can be carried through any day, whether you go to work or on a trip with friends. And what else than a pair of classy leather moccasins to complete this entire outfit? This is a choice you must have in your closet this season. 

Cool Polos, Shorts, and Tinted Shades

Going out with friends for a week at the beach? Or a trekking trip on a hill right outside the city? There’s nothing more relaxing than a comfortable polo, shorts, and a pair of sneakers to style your look for the day. You can pack in a few t-shirts if you want as well, but beaches demand a more casual and easy-going outfit that only polo shirts can provide you with. And doing so matched with the right colored denim shorts will further bring a uniqueness to your look that can’t be ignored. 


Casual Shirts, Trousers, and Loafers 

Going for lunch or a date planned out to take up your day? Pair a light-colored casual shirt with jeans and add a pair of loafers to your look to make a good impression. You need to look chic and sophisticated enough to make your fashion statement worth the time it took to choose an outfit, and casual enough to feel comfortable in your own skin, and this is one way to do it! 

Colors to Wear

Monochrome Combinations 

We all know how much of a favorite black and white color are in men’s wardrobes. Though a lot of people believe monochrome is going out of style, you don’t need to listen to them. Yes, men’s fashion has started becoming a lot more focused on chromatic and pastel colors, but black and white are still very much in style and can make an instant impression if you wear them well. So go all-black to your dinners and date nights, or match a black and white ensemble while going on a weekend getaway trip; you’ll be fine as long as you divide these colors in the right proportion.  

Chromatic Tones 

Black and white are good, but too many of those and your wardrobe becomes dull and predictable. And that’s not the look you want to go for this season, especially on your outdoor trips. Hence, this is where chromatic colors come to your rescue. The three primary colors you need to remember here are red, yellow, and blue. These colors in their natural hue can be very bright, and that’s what you should wear if you want to grab the attention of those around you. 

But if you’re one of the quiet types who doesn’t like to gain attention, wearing an outfit with lighter, pastel hues of colors can do you good. A light blue patterned shirt on the beach, or a lilac polo when you’re out for lunch, are all good choices you can mix up. 

Men’s fashion isn’t rocket science, and it’s even easier to pull off a stylish look when you’re out with friends and family than working away in a corporate setting. But you need to be aware of what you’re wearing, in outfits as well as their colors, and what you’re matching them with, you will be ready to slay the day. If you’re looking for more on men’s fashion looks, visit FHS Official. 

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