About Us

Dailypress.pk is a one-of-a-kind, interactive online publishing business that focuses on news, trends, lifestyle, technology, food, fashion, marketing activities and provides integrated and up-to-date news and information.

It was the first of its type in Pakistan when it launched in 2022, and it has since evolved into a reliable source of brand news and insight, keeping its viewers informed and engaged. It includes a vast advertising database, articles, reviews, and exclusive research and ideas in addition to serving as a PR platform.

It provides a one-stop shop for professionals, students, journals, and research organizations to connect and share their knowledge on a mutually beneficial platform.

What We Offer

News and information about brands

Content marketing is an innovative method of advertising in a world where client attention has become scarce owing to a barrage of brand advertisements.


The advertising database contains the full range of a brand’s marketing activity, including television commercials, print ads, outdoor ads, and activation.


New product launches, events, and promotions are all covered by the PR platform.

Data Dive

Ratings, surveys, articles based on infographics, white papers, and in-depth examination of research-based data are all highlighted in the research area.

Company directory

A profile of all companies involved in media, marketing, and advertising, as well as their affiliations, may be found in the Company Directory.

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest are all examples of social media content integration.

Dailypress.pk then gives its experience in social media promotion after the content has been published. This includes organizing social media operations by allocating a campaign money in the most efficient way possible.

In the past, our social media professionals, search engine specialists, and strategists have gotten incredible results from social media campaigns, which are detailed in Dailypress.pk Official Sales kit and case studies.

For Advertisers

We give the advertiser a number of options to highlight their contribution and focus on what they wish to emphasize. Our advertisers can use everything from web banners to advertorial pieces, brand-related films, print, and outdoor campaigns to stand out and reach decision-makers.