Top 5 Brands Offering Azadi Sale 2022

azadi sale

Every Pakistani looks forward to Independence Day and the nation as a whole celebrates it with great fervor.

A number of deals and discounts on food, clothing, and entertainment that enhance the festivities make the event even more remarkable.

Here are 5 Azadi discounts you should look into if you’re thinking about going on a shopping binge for Independence Day.


The following list of 5 brands this year’s Azadi sales. The most well-known and well-liked brands have been added, so look them over when you purchase in August.

1. Daraz

Daraz is one of the most well-known online marketplaces in the nation for buying clothing, furniture, kitchenware, food, and other products.

Daraz scarcely misses anything at all.

This year, Daraz is hosting an Azadi Sale with discounts up to 75% off starting on August 14. Games, toys, clothes, and much more are all on sale!

Apart from that, you may get Pakistani flags, stickers, and t-shirts starting at PKR 99 to fully commemorate the day.

2. Khaadi

Khaadi is a well-known Pakistani clothing company that was established in 1998 and has locations in 17 different Pakistani cities as well as the UK and the UAE.

All of the company’s products reflect its reputation for restoring regional crafts. They try to modernize tradition in a way that is approachable and enjoyable to wear.

This year, Khaadi plans to commemorate the 14th of August by offering up to 50% off of their unstitched collection, which is full of vibrant colors and trendy prints.

3. SO Kamal

So Komal was established in 2012 and features wonderful, distinctive eastern clothing. They sell apparel, home décor, and shoes.

You won’t be let down if you’re looking for an Azadi sale at So Komal because you can find footwear and clothing marked down by up to 30%.

Purchase your preferred attire from the store, and purchase shoes that go with it to finish the look.

4. Beechtree

A one-stop shop for modern and fashionable eastern and western clothes, Beechtree was established in 2010. Additionally, they sell accessories and perfumes at their nationwide outlets.

Unstitched products are currently discounted by up to 50%.

The collection comprises colorful 1P, 2P, and 3P collections that work well for semi-formal and casual occasions.

5. Alkaramstudio

The global identity of Alkaram Textile Mills is now being expanded by this vertically integrated textile system.

Alkaram Studio was established in 2010 and immediately became well-known for its top-notch goods and attractive designs.

The Azadi sale, one of many bargains, is a fantastic opportunity to get your favorite things. This year, apparel and home textiles are up to 50% off during the sale.

Today, check out these Azaadi sales!

The 14th of August evokes joy, patriotism, and recollections of our illustrious history.

Independence Day is often celebrated with tremendous excitement, and to add to the fun, brands mark this day by offering enormous discounts like “Azadi Deals,” “Independence Day Sales,” “Freedom Sales,” etc.

If any of the above Azadi sales caught your eye, be sure to check out others in the area and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments.

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