Different Types of Dumper Trucks on Alibaba

A dumper truck is a vehicle that is used to transport heavy materials, usually earth. It can be divided into many different types. These include Transfer dump trucks, Side dump trucks, Pup dumper trucks, and Modern dumper vehicles. A typical dump truck can carry between two and ten tonnes of payload. Some dumper trucks are off-road and can be used for stand-alone dumping. Listed below are some of the most popular types of dumper truck price.

Transfer dump trucks are a standard dump truck

Transfer dump trucks can be divided into two different categories: truck and pup, which are separate but capable of self-dumping. A semi-truck and a pup trailer combination are also used as dump trucks. While semi-truck trailer combinations have the same hauling capacity, dump trucks typically have a detachable trailer. These types of dump trucks can dump in both the top and bottom dump configuration. The truck may be a single-axle model or a tandem.

These dump trucks are also designed to maneuver on highways and normal roads. Their rear-eject mechanism has a push-plate on the inside of the front surface of the dump box. This feature allows for the dump to be unloaded from the back of the truck without causing damage to the rear end. These dump trucks are often used on heavy construction sites or mining operations. When choosing between a standard dump truck and a transfer truck, consider the type of material you’re hauling.


Standard dump trucks are also categorized by their wheelbase. The standard dump truck’s wheelbase is smaller than the transfer dump truck’s. In addition, transfer dump trucks have a movable cargo container, which allows them to haul other materials. The difference between standard and transfer dump trucks is that the former can accommodate more weight than the latter.

Side dump trucks are an off-road vehicle

A side dump truck is an off-road vehicle that is built for hauling material. A side dump truck consists of a three-axle tractor pulling a trailer. A hydraulic ram tilts the dump body so that material spills out of the side, instead of being dropped into the center. This design is safer because the material does not have to be deposited in the center of the dump body, which could cause the truck to tip over.

These vehicles are not your typical off-road vehicles. A typical dump truck consists of a tractor pulling a semi-trailer. When the semi-trailer reaches the desired height, it tilts the body to one side and dumps the material over that side. This allows for faster unloading and safer operation. Tri-axle dump trucks are also common due to their ability to carry heavier loads and long distances. They are also popular in situations where higher bed space is needed.

These trucks are the backbone of most contractor fleets. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. Dump trucks are versatile off-road vehicles that can haul different types of material. Another type of off-road vehicle is the Articulated Dump Truck (ADT). These trucks are made for rough terrain, and have a hinge between the cab and the dump box. This allows them to move around easily.


There are many different types of superdump trucks available on the market. Superdump trucks are also equipped with a clamshell gate mechanism to ensure maximum precision in unloading. They are generally used for stockpiling and paving. The ability to work off-road is essential for the success of any dump truck business.

Pup dumper trucks are capable of stand-alone dumping

A pup dumper truck is a type of transfer dump truck that can dump separately from a truck. These dumpers have a second dump trailer, usually a pump trailer, which has a hydraulic ram and can unload the cargo itself. Pup dumper trucks are capable of stand-alone dumping, which makes them an efficient choice for stand-alone operations.

A transfer dump truck has a greater capacity and can haul heavier materials. It can carry between 26 and 27 short tons, so it is an upgrade from a dumper truck. The number of trips a driver can make will depend on the distance between the dumper trucks.


Rigid haul trucks are not only used in mining operations, but are also used in earthmoving, road building, and heavy civil applications. Manufacturers include Caterpillar, Belaz, and Terex. These types of dumpers feature a three-axle tractor and a two-axle trailer. The clamshell design allows the dumper to stack materials straightly and evenly. This feature is also important when hauling materials, such as aggregates.

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