Foodpanda and Extreme Commerce have teamed up to promote vendor acquisition

Foodpanda and Extreme Commerce have teamed up to promote vendor acquisition

Extreme Commerce and foodpanda have teamed up to encourage vendor acquisition.

Foodpanda, Pakistan’s biggest delivery app, has teamed with Extreme Commerce to increase vendor acquisition, where consumers may learn how to become a successful Home Chef with foodpanda, enhancing e-commerce possibilities.

The relationship was officially launched with a signing ceremony at the foodpanda headquarters in Karachi. The event was attended by Ahsan Malik, Head of Home Chefs – foodpanda, Binte Fatima, Team Lead Restaurant Operations, Kashif Jaffri, CGO – Extreme Commerce, and other dignitaries.

Through this relationship with Extreme Commerce, foodpanda hopes to develop the Home Chef ecosystem in Pakistan. Ahsan Malik elaborated on the relationship, stating that it aligns with foodpanda’s objective of equipping people with the necessary skills and assisting them in developing their professional ability. “By employing Extreme Commerce through both physical incubators and digital channels to recruit new vendors and disseminate awareness through webinars and open-houses, we hope to make Pakistan the hub of international ecommerce.” “We’ll also be generating video content for their Video Boot Camp (VBC) platform to help grow and empower the HomeChefs ecosystem and food entrepreneurship in Pakistan,” he added.

“We are looking forward to partnering with foodpanda to economically empower people and achieve financial and digital inclusion for bright individuals in the country,” Kashif Jaffri, CGO – Extreme Commerce, stated during the event. Through our platforms, we will raise awareness and showcase this project, as well as create economic opportunities for the general public. I believe that by working together, we can make a major difference in the communities where we operate.”

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