From 2026, the Reqko Diq Project will increase Pakistan’s exports by $3-4 billion.

From 2026, the Reqko Diq Project will increase Pakistan's exports by $3-4 billion.

According to recent reports, Canada’s Barrick Gold will resume the Reko Diq project with a 50% stake, with the remaining 50% going to the Government of Pakistan (GoP) and the Government of Balochistan (GoB).

According to a report by Arif Habib Limited (AHL), investing in the country will result in more FDIs once the financial closure is achieved. Furthermore, the project is expected to add USD 3-4 billion to the country’s overall exports between 2026 and 2027, supporting export diversification and assisting in the stabilisation of the Pakistani rupee against external pressures.

The arrangement will allow Pakistan to receive additional cash once the project is operational. The first ten years’ average revenue is expected to be $2.9 billion, rising to $3.7 billion once Phase 2 is completed.

According to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s announcement, Barrick Gold and Antofagasta successfully resolved a dispute over Reko Diq through World Bank arbitration, which included a $11 billion penalty.

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