Google Docs Now Offers Users Assistive Writing Suggestions

Google Docs Now Offers Users Assistive Writing Suggestions

In an effort to improve the quality of writing and eliminate simple grammatical and spelling errors, Google has released new capabilities for its Docs application.

The following are some of Google Docs new assistive writing features:

  • Using more dynamic or context-sensitive phrasing is a good idea.
  • Instead of using the passive voice, use the active voice.
  • Conciseness: Use shorter terms.
  • More inclusive terms or phrases are used in inclusive language.
  • Reconsidering potentially offensive language is a good idea.

While writing papers, these additional tools provide a wide range of stylistic and grammatical suggestions. Suggestions will appear as you type to help you reduce the number of words you use and guarantee you’re using the best appropriate term for the situation.

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You’ll get ideas whenever there’s an opportunity to organize a statement in an active voice or to make a sentence more concise. Language that may be discriminatory or inappropriate will be highlighted, and recommendations on how to enhance your work for your intended audience will be given. Writers will profit from this because it will help them enhance their style and produce more lively and concise compositions.

In the latest Google Docs release, documents written with AI-powered functionality now have the ability to summarize key information. Google Drive will soon be able to forecast which document a user will work on at what time of day, saving time wasted searching for files.

Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, and Enterprise Essentials subscribers, on the other hand, will not have access to the new feature set. It will be accessible at the end of the month for premium Business clients.

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