Is it possible to sync an Apple Watch with an Android Phone? Here is What You Should Know

Is it possible to sync an Apple Watch with an Android Phone

Apple Smart Watches are among the most advanced smart watches on the market. Aside from the exorbitant cost, another disadvantage of buying an Apple Watch is that it can only be used with an Apple iPhone. If you have an Apple Watch but an Android phone, be aware that you will not be able to use all of the Apple Watch’s functions.

The Watch app must be installed on the iPhone in order for the Apple Smart Watch to function normally. On an Android phone, the iOS Watch app cannot be installed. Now we’ve got a problem! Is it better to switch from an Android to an iPhone? Alternatively, you can employ the trick of utilising two Apple Watches at the same time, but this is quite limited because it can only be used with an Apple Watch LTE model and requires an iPhone. Follow the instructions below:

  • First, the Apple wearable must be paired with the iPhone.
  • Check if the Apple Wearable is still linked to the network after activating “Airplane Mode” on the iPhone. If this is the case, turn off the watch.
  • Now you can move your IM from your iPhone to your Android phone and turn on your Apple Watch.
  • Both the Apple wearable and the Android phone will be connected, and both devices will be able to offer limited voice commands and receive calls.

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Because both devices are connected via the same details in this type of syncing or pairing, Apple-exclusive features such as health data synchronisation and Apple’s suite of apps are not available. Due to the frequent use of LTE on the Watch with this form of connectivity, the Apple wearable will quickly drain its battery.

Now the question is whether we want to track our health using an Apple watch or an Android phone. We can either invest in an iPhone or choose from a wide range of Smart-watches if we do not want or cannot afford to upgrade our phone.

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