Is QuickBooks Worth it for small-sized business?

Is QuickBooks Worth it for small-sized business?

Accounting remains an inseparable part of the business and, at the same time, an increasing number of businesses rely on software for various operations. That makes accounting software a necessity for businesses.

When it comes to choosing accounting software, QB comes as the most popular choice among SMBs. QB, being one of the most widely used accounting software, is essential for SMBs. One of these can be accessing QB files and data remotely on desktop in the cloud. Laced with several features in a simplistic interface; QuickBooks has been ruling the accounting software market for years.

Is QuickBooks worth it or is just riding on its popularity? Let’s explore:

1. Features

Features that a small business may need with the accounting software are endless, depending on what it serves. If your business lies in between the small and medium-sized businesses, then QB is more likely to be your choice. If your company comes into the microscale business, then Xero can be a better choice.

2. Price

Pricing is one of the most crucial considerations when it comes to choosing accounting software. Unfortunately, the price plans of various accounting software vary on different parameters, so it is hard to compare them on the same scale. QuickBooks Pro arrives at $12 per month to offer income and payments tracking, invoice and estimate creation, bank accounts sync, bill payments, and instant reports.

Price variation does not look big on the core. So, all this has to sum down to the needs of the accountants. One cannot just declare one better than the others in this case.

3. Reliability

QuickBooks enjoys a greater client base than any other accounting software for small and mid-scale businesses. It has been in the business for more than 2 decades and still looking very robust. That adds a lot to its reliability. With the various cloud hosting plans on offer, its future roadmaps appear smooth as well. QuickBooks Hosting providers take care of critical problems by offering end-to-end encryption, the latest anti-virus and anti-malware systems, intrusion detection and prevention, multi-user authentication, multiple firewalls, automated backups, 256-bit data encryption, and more.

4. Disaster Recovery

Though professionals have always been telling businesses to concentrate on cybersecurity, the largest ransomware attack to date has made business owners realize the severity of such attacks. By hosting QuickBooks on the cloud, businesses do not have to do it all alone. QB hosting providers offer Tragedy Recovery solutions to the clients, giving businesses enhanced data security. A reliable provider also supports data not at just one but numerous data locations to ensure quick recovery in case of any loss.

5. Secure Your End-Point Access

A hosted QB solution stores your data/files on third-party remote servers. You can access these servers through the Internet with your end machines. While this prevents someone from breaking in and robbing your hard drives, you must pay attention to how you manage your end-point security.


There are some ifs and buts with almost all accounting software, depending on which different businesses have their individualistic take. For greater services and more features, QuickBooks looks like the most dependable option but for accountants, it is necessary to understand the business needs and then pick the best one. Hosting providers like Apps4Rent are superior in providing a broad variety of cloud solutions. They even assist in different migrations services like the process to Migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive and will assist you in selecting the suitable version of QuickBooks according to your business requirements.

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