IT Ministry to Conduct Third-Party Performance Audit of High Impact Bootcamp Project

IT Ministry to Conduct Third-Party Performance Audit of High Impact Bootcamp Project

To make sure the project’s “High Impact Bootcamp” is meeting the targeted key performance indicators, the Ministry of Information, Technology, and Telecommunication (MoITT) has chosen to have a third party performance audit it.

It plans to introduce tailored Bootcamps around Pakistan to deliver high-impact training programmes on a range of technologies for the improvement of skill levels to meet global demands.

According to the MoITT, this project’s training programme will be introduced in Islamabad and Karachi through specialised Bootcamps on a range of technologies, including cloud computing, data science, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and others. The training’s goal is to improve Pakistani professionals’ technical abilities so they can meet demands and norms around the world.

Additionally, according to the IT Ministry, the audit process should be planned to assess the progress of the work completed on the High Impact Bootcamp project in order to confirm that it complies with the statement of work, including the project’s scope, timeframe, and budget, as well as the maturity of the project management process at a single stage.

In order to monitor and assess IT training on cutting-edge technologies, the ministry has asked chartered accounting companies that are legitimately registered with tax and other relevant agencies to undertake performance audits.

The companies have been instructed to submit their offer paperwork by July 15th. On the same day, bids for the Bootcamp project audit will be available.

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