Jasmine Camacho-Quinn- Age, Height, Parent, Early Life, Career, Relationship, And Net Worth

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn- Age, Height, Parent, Early Life, Career, Relationship, And Net Worth

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn is a fitness freak and athlete who has even participated in the Olympics 2016 for the first time. She has even won the gold medal in 100 meters race in Olympic 2020 and gained popularity because of her best record time.

Apart from their career, people are also interested in knowing about their personal life, such as who is jasmine camacho-quinn parents, her height, age, relationship, etc.

Jasmine was born on December 21st, 1996, in South Carolina. The height of Jasmine is 5 feet 8 inches, equal to 1.73 meters or 173 centimeters. She is average tall, which is why she runs so fast. Her weight is 72 kg or 158 lbs, which is appropriate according to her body mass index.

There are people who believe that she is not straight, but that is not true. Jasmine is straight, and she does like men. But she has not been seen with any man because she wants to focus on her career and does not have any time for dating.


Apart from sports interests, she was also so good in her studies, and for her early education, she went to Fort Dorchester High School and successfully completed her program. She even studied in many different schools too because of her career in sport.

After completing her studies in school, she will never go to college or university because she started preparing for the Olympics and then participated in the Olympics for the first time in 2016.

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn Parent and Early Life

Jasmine was born in a middle-class family, and she grew up there. Jasmine’s mother’s name is Maria Milagros, her father’s name is James Quinn, and both of her parents are former athletes. Her parents even met when they were performing in some athlete competition, and they were on opposite sites and fell in love with each other.

Jasmine was always interested in sports, and as she is from an athletic family and her childhood, only her father taught her and later her mother. She started to practice when she was just 10.

Many people believe that she is performing quite well, mainly because of her parents. But most of them do not know how much hard work she has done to achieve all these things in her life.

Career and Relationship

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn has an excellent career, and her future is also full of opportunities. When she was a child, she started her career, and till the time 2016-2018, she became a pro and even got the chance to play in the Olympics and has also won several different competitions. She has gained so much success, and she does enjoy that a lot.

Undoubtedly, her parents supported her throughout her journey and did a great job. But it may not be possible without Jasmine’s hard work and dedication.

There is not much information about her family or personal life. But it is confirmed that she is not married or in a relationship. She is not even looking for one.  

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn Net worth

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn has never disclosed her net worth, which is why there is no confirmation. But it has been estimated that her capital is $1 Million worth of real estate and other assets.

Other facts about Jasmine Camacho-Quinn

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s parents have put so much effort into the success of their daughters. Without their experience allowed that she has become so much better. She has a lot of talent, which makes her a great lady who has reached the peak of her career.

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