KP Launches Education Cards for Talented Students

KP Launches Education Cards for Talented Students

On the same model as “Health Cards,” the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has introduced “Education Cards.” The Education Cards will make it possible for worthy students from the entire province to attend the best universities in the nation.

During the presentation of the annual provincial budget for FY 2022–2023 on Monday, Taimur Khan Jhagra, the province’s minister of finance and health, introduced the project.

One billion rupees have been set up for the Education Cards, according to Jhagra, who also added that gifted kids will be able to attend prestigious national institutions on scholarships rather than having universities built in their region.

To hire teachers through local parent-teacher councils, the KP government has set out Rs. 1 billion. The operating budget for evening shift schools is Rs. 1 billion.

The province government has set aside Rs. 2.4 billion to pay female students stipends. For the purchase of furnishings for schools and colleges, Rs. 2 billion has been set aside. The KP government set aside Rs. 3 billion for the same reason last year. Scholarships for students have been funded with 900 million rupees.

By combining special education and the education department, KP has also become the first province to adopt inclusive education, integrating people with disabilities into regular classrooms.

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