LUMS Is Preparing To Launch Pakistan’s First Cryptocurrency Academic Program

LUMS Is Preparing To Launch Pakistan's First Cryptocurrency Academic Program

More and more people around the world are becoming interested in new trends. Every month, we see a new trend emerge. If we delve into further detail, we’ll see that tendencies emerge every week. In January, we saw people acclimate to a lot of new things and norms. As we can see, the vehicle market is booming today. Everywhere we look, corporations are attempting to contribute to the electric revolution.

Combustion engines appear to be nearing the end of their century-long existence. Similarly, the concept of Blockchain has enthralled a large number of people in recent years. It is the most recent in terms of digital money and properties worth investing in. The most well-known is Bitcoin, as you may already be aware. After Elon Musk’s latest activities, Bitcoin is at an all-time high.



It looks to be the most heartfelt of the current trends. There is seldom a period when news regarding bitcoin or some similar currency does not go viral on social media.

Individuals are being persuaded to participate in cryptocurrencies since there are so many new sorts. Investing in the most promising ones, rather than random ones, is recommended.

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Bitcoin is a currency that fluctuates steadily throughout the year. It increases in value in certain months and decreases in others. It had suddenly risen well above its boundaries when Elon Musk decided to take an interest in it. Bitcoin has never been more popular, and everyone wants a piece of it. It appears that there is a digital gold rush on.

Academic Program at LUMS

Academic Program at LUMS

Because of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, academic institutions have agreed to take an interest in them. LUMS has expressed its willingness to implement a new curriculum. This academic program will concentrate on cryptocurrency and its intricacies. You’ll plunge right into the curriculum and discover that you’ll be learning a lot of new stuff.

The course’s goal is to keep the emphasis on blockchain and other growing markets and countries. This will not only result in new economic models but also a new era of distributed apps. This new move will also bolster Pakistani efforts to enact crypto laws as soon as possible.

This program demonstrates that there is a lot of new development in this industry> Many individuals are interested in learning more about this specific issue.

We can also see Waqar Zaka’s role in this scene via social media. He’s also been spotted debating bitcoin issues. It could also be a teaching opportunity.

We anticipate great success for the LUMS academic program in the next years.

Let’s see how many people are interested in applying. There will have to be new faculty and course priorities. There are fresh waves, and not everyone is equipped for them.

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