Monetization of Facebook Pages in Pakistan: Criteria, Methods, and Policies

Monetization of Facebook Pages in Pakistan: Criteria, Methods, and Policies

Facebook is the world’s largest and most popular social media platform, with almost 2.91 billion users. It’s a one-stop shop for anything imaginable, including everything from photographs to videos to articles and postings.

Facebook’s content diversity makes it a perfect location to make money, which is where Monetization comes in. Earning money or generating revenue from a business or an asset is referred to as monetization. Facebook monetization works in the same way that you would utilise an ad medium to make money.

Criteria for Monetizing a Facebook Page

The Facebook Page Monetization Criteria are different depending on your content and how you market it. If you want to make money off your Facebook page, you can do so in one of three ways:

  • In-stream Ads
  • Fan Subscriptions
  • Branded Content

Let’s take a look at each way of Facebook Page Monetization and the requirements that go with it.

1. In-stream Ads

These commercials are short in duration and may appear at the beginning, end, or throughout a Facebook video. These films assist you in generating revenue on the platform. These movies are only available to Facebook pages.

When implementing in-stream advertising, the following Facebook page monetization conditions must be completed.

  • You can only publish posts from a page, not a profile on Facebook.
  • Minimum age requirement is 18 years.
  • Follow the policies on community standards, monetization, and content monetization.
  • Obtain 10,000 Twitter followers
  • Get to 600,000 total viewed minutes for on-demand videos (last 60 days)
  • There are currently 5 active videos (excluding active cross-posted videos)
  • Reside in a country and speak a language that can be monetized (Pakistan is currently not eligible for video monetization but Urdu is an accepted language for in-stream ads)
  • Videos with a minimum duration of one minute
  • If the video is longer, add breaks every 1 minute.

For additional information, see the In-stream Ad Eligibility page.

2. Fan Subscriptions

Fans can support a page by paying monthly fees through Fan Subscriptions.

Fan subscriptions on Facebook are only available to those who have been invited. Facebook Monetization Standards, Apple’s App Store Subscription Guidelines, and Fan Funding Creator Terms must all be followed.

Additionally, the following monetization conditions for Facebook pages must be met:

  • 250+ Return Viewers or 10,000+ Page Followers (Pakistan is currently not eligible for fan subscriptions)
  • 180,000 watch minutes or 50,000 post-engagements (last 60 days)

3. Branded Content

Videos, texts, articles, photos, and other forms of branded content feature a third-party product, sponsor, or brand. Follow these steps to reap the benefits of branded content:

  • Access is available upon request.
  • On Facebook, you can apply for the position of Brand Collabs Manager.
  • Follow the guidelines for branded content.

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Monetization Policies for Facebook Pages

To be monetized, Facebook sites must adhere to certain standards. These regulations cover everything from the sort of content to how it’s shared and how it affects the Facebook community.

There are three different types of policy to consider:

  • Norms in the Community
  • Monetization Policies for Partners
  • Policies for Content Monetization

Let’s take a closer look at each category.

Norms in the Community

The platform’s Community Standards are in place to ensure that it remains safe, healthy, and productive for all users. These are the basic and primary principles that every Facebook profile, page, and group should follow, regardless of whether they are paid or not.

The following ideas are promoted by these policies:

  • Authenticity
  • Safety
  • Dignity
  • Privacy

For further information, see the Facebook Community Standards.

Monetization Policies for Partners

These rules and regulations, which largely apply at the page level, are concerned with the overall behaviour of your page.

To make money on Facebook, professional Pages, Events, Groups, and Profiles must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Create the content on a monetizable surface and in a monetizable country.
  • Use genuine and unique stuff.
  • Obtain genuine engagement
  • Create a presence
  • Connect with organisations that adhere to Facebook’s regulations.

For further information, see the Partner Monetization Policies.

Policies for Content Monetization

Creators must adhere to certain guidelines when creating content, in addition to the Facebook Community Standards and Partner Monetization Policies. The following sorts of content should not be displayed on Facebook, according to the Content Monetization Policies:

  • Images, surveys, and videos that are static
  • Image-based slide displays
  • Montages of text
  • Embedded advertisements and looping videos

Check out the Content Monetization Policies for more information.

Creator Studio’s Facebook Monetization Eligibility Check

You may utilise Creator Studio to see if you’re eligible for Facebook monetization. It will show the status of your page’s eligibility and provide important information.

Simply launch Creator Studio; if you’re logged into Facebook, your pages will appear instantly; otherwise, you’ll need to log in.

Select the page you want to open if you have more than one. After there, on the left, you’ll notice the monetization choice. Click here to find out if you’re eligible and what you’ll need to do to monetize your page.

Monetization of Facebook in Pakistan

In-stream advertisements and fan subscriptions do not operate in Pakistan at the moment, therefore they can’t be used for monetization. However, the government is embarking on a Facebook pilot programme to assess the country’s monetization possibilities.

The goal of the programme is to see how Facebook monetization would function in Pakistan and what legislation will be required to make it happen.

Despite the fact that progress is gradual, we may be confident that the initiative will yield positive consequences.

For the time being, Facebook Marketplace in Pakistan is a terrific way for businesses to sell things online, hire staff, and take payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Money From My Facebook Page?

Yes, Facebook pages can be monetized in order to generate revenue. To monetise a page, you must adhere to particular guidelines and employ specific techniques. For monetization, you can utilise in-stream advertisements, subscriptions, or branded content on your page.

How do I make Facebook Monetization work?

By going to the Creator Studio, you may monetize your Facebook page. You may check your eligibility status there, and if you meet all of the criteria, you can monetize your page through the creative studio.

Why is it that I can’t monetize my Facebook page?

If a Facebook page violates a community standard, a monetization policy, or does not achieve the requisite threshold of followers, engagement, or content quality, it may be ineligible for monetization.

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