Moody, A Ride-sharing, Procurement, Delivery, and Shopping Services Is Making Commute Across Pakistan Easy

Amidst the rise in petrol prices and inflation, a Pakistan-based startup is providing its cost-effective, reliable, safe ride-sharing, procurement, delivery, and shopping services. The app is bringing relief to the lives of Pakistanis during times of hardship. Individuals of all ages, gender, and careers can reap the benefits of this trailblazing and an all-in-one solution. 

Moody is providing its services in Lahore, aiming to reduce the cost of most commutes, whether a run to the grocery store or wanting to travel from one place to another. 

The hassle-free ride-hailing service in a congested country is a blessing because not everyone can ride in their cars or public transport. Moody has made small errands such as picking up monthly medicines easy.                                 

What is Moody Offering? 

Moody, a Pakistan-based startup, has rolled out its secure, cost-effective, and liable ride-sharing, procurement, delivery, and shopping services. The people belonging to every field and age group will use the trailblazing and unconventional solutions of the company. Moody currently provides services to Pakistan’s largest city, Lahore, and aims to provide hassle-free services across the country soon. 


Pakistan is a crowded state and congestion is a frequent dilemma in such locations. To surmount these challenges, governments urge communities to utilize public conveyance or automobiles of small sizes, such as bikes. Conforming to the objective of lessening traffic jams and adjusting to the parking needs, Moody has familiarized the ride-sharing service in the country to wipe out automobile emissions and present better and palliative commutes. Individuals can come to and arrive at their destination safely with Moody’s fast-moving bike service at a significantly reasonable price. 

Exceptional Employment Opportunities

Facilitating lives across the city, the company offers services at a cheap price without jeopardizing excellence. Not only this, but Moody is also providing people with employment opportunities and allowing them to be independent in terms of everyday financial needs. 

Buy & Delivery Service

Along with Moody’s ride-sharing service, the business also offers its customers secure buy and delivery services. Whether it is ordering food, getting groceries picked, or shopping while sitting at home, Moody is a one-stop app to do it all. Moody assigns its customers with taskers who buy goods from their place of choice and deliver them safely in a couple of minutes. The app keeps in check the time duration, displays real-time rates, and allows picture and video sharing of the products. On completion of the task, the Moody app displays digital receipt of the task and the products purchased. 

In-app Audio/Video Feature

Not just this, the app is also offering consumers an in-app audio and video call feature for fast and effective communication. Additional features include in-app pictures of the products purchased and window shopping services for customers to get an idea of the market rates. 

Window Shopping 

Many times, we do not get the time to go to the market and explore our options prior to buying anything. Problems such as lack of time, resources, and commute costs to explore buying options and inspecting rates have reduced the chances of buying products that are worth buying and are not most probably a waste of money. 

This is why Moody is the only app in Pakistan that is offering window shopping services to its customers. Customers can assign taskers tasks to explore market rates all over the city of the product they want to purchase and if satisfied they can even top-up Moody’s wallet to let the tasker buy products for them. 

How Easy is the App to Use?

Moody is building railroads for e-commerce in Pakistan by offering services that are convenient and easy to use. Hiring a Moody tasker can let users explore the market and help them see the products on their smart devices. The company also provides voice messaging solutions to help laymen or older citizens record their tasks without hassle.



A Moody ride-sharing service is offering shopping, procurement, and delivery services and is building a network of taskers and customers. For now, Moody is offering its services to hundreds of customers while aiming to streamline and improve the life-style of the people of Pakistan. Moody’s chief aim lies in facilitating customers and reducing unemployment, especially at times of inflation, when even the rich have just hand-to-mouth resources. Offering state-of-the-art procurement and shopping services, Moody saves time and resolves all the problems related to delivery services. 


Motivated to attain a notable place in entrepreneurship, Moody has introduced efficient, time-saving, cost-effective, user-friendly, and secure solutions in the q-commerce industry. With its futuristic services, the business intends to evolve the foremost choice of customers into procurement, shopping, ride-sharing, and delivery services.

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