Pakistan’s regional exports have increased by 26.47 percent in the last eight months

Pakistan's regional exports have increased by 26.47 percent in the last eight months

According to government data, Pakistan’s exports to seven neighboring nations increased by up to 26.47 percent during the first eight months of the fiscal year.

Exports to regional nations, including Afghanistan, India, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, exceeded $2954.604 in the month of July till February 2021-22, according to the State Bank of Pakistan. Pakistan’s overall exports of $20616.992 million accounted for 14.33 percent of the total.

China ranked first among Pakistan’s exports to its neighbors, with Bangladesh and Afghanistan following closely behind.

Pakistan maintained border exchanges with far-flung countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and the Maldives.
Exports to China surged by 57.90 percent in the first eight months of this year, reaching $1,165.949 million, up from $1,165.949 million the previous year.

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From $379.669 million to $559.118 million, shipments to Bangladesh have climbed by 48.83 percent.

By the beginning of this year, shipments to Afghanistan had reduced by $629.787 million, or 53.02 percent, to $295.866 million.

Exports to Sri Lanka increased by 59.38 percent, from $156.272 million to $249.079 million in the previous year, but exports to Nepal increased by 58.06 percent, from $2.852 million to $4.508 million.

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