Sami Clarke’s 30-Minute Full Body Workout Will Have You Slimmed Down & Toned By Summer

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Believe it or not, Summer is just around the corner! It’s time to get those abs ready for bikini season with this full boy Sami Clarke workout!

Celebrity trainer & fitness expert Sami Clarke took over the HollywoodLife Instagram to share with our followers one of her full body workouts that is totally toning and slimming! “The biggest thing for me is to have an effective workout but in a short amount of time, as well as toning and building muscle but having minimal amount of rest in between to still be burning extra calories,” Sami explained. Using mostly bodyweight and light weights, Sami walked followers through multiple full-body burning moves.

“I feel like with the exercises I really tried to have each one be full-body focused, so the arms are working while the core is working, while the legs are working as well as the glutes,” she added. “For example, we did an on the knees shoulder press, and that was full body having to work from bouncing up into a squat holding that core all the way back to shooting up into a shoulder press and getting those arms and shoulders working.”

Of course, in true Sami fashion, the trainer took it home with a core burnout for five minutes straight! “In that 30 minutes, we’re tackling so many different muscles and we’re tackling them repetitively so we’re going after them over and over again by building tension, rather than say, running on a treadmill for an hour,” she said. “You can attack more muscles when you’re doing a workout for 30 minutes but you’re doing different exercises.”

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If you’re looking for some motivation to get off the couch and workout, Sami’s got some advice for you! “I get it! I feel like it’s a choice every day, like so many things in our lives, but what I focus on is how good I feel when I am eating right and when I am moving my body,” she explained. “I connect to the feeling I get not doing those things and start to feel kind of blocked or not energized, not focused and not feeling great that day, so I really focus on the feeling I feel when I am consistent in my workout.”

Be sure to visit Sami on Instagram to get more of her workouts and IG Live workout schedule!


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