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SEE Pakistan 2022 is an embodiment of the entrepreneurial dreams of Pakistani youth. Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan (APSUP) offers a unique platform for emerging entrepreneurs to exhibit their innovative products at SEE Pakistan. Hundreds of coaches and trainers vigilantly prepare these startups with expertise before the mega event. At SEE Pakistan, the underlying passion of aspiring entrepreneurs to do something beyond imagination finds a firm ground as innovation seeks applicability and creativity meets feasibility. Hundreds of successful startups have been showcased at SEE Pakistan, out of which numerous have brought great accolades for Pakistan by winning national and international entrepreneurial competitions.

A Balanced Mix of Visibility, Exhibition, And Networking Opportunities

This year, SEE Pakistan is destined to become the epitome of innovation and excellence by paving a pathway for young startups towards outstanding success. They will be exhibiting their business ideas on a mega platform and making the world realize ‹AISA HAI PAKISTAN,› where youth is full of ideas and is ready to unveil new frontiers. For the last four years, SEE Pakistan has played a pivotal role in the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by making a prominent mark. This Expo is all about exhibiting the creative and innovative Pakistan in front of the world, and providing a platform for building inclusivity among industry, investors, NGOs, influencers, and academicians. We are hosting festivity for independence celebrations, promoting the potential and diversity of entrepreneurship in Pakistan, and letting the world see the true colors of Pakistan on this independence and experience how much this nation is enthusiastic and has to offer to the world.

How You And Your Organization are Making an Impact?

SM KHURAM AKHTAR (CEO: Programmers Force Private Limited)”

Our organization has produced entrepreneurs through training and professional culture. We have invested our time and huge money to train them. We have launched training programs for fresh graduates in every field and now they are a great asset to the industry.

How do you see Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country of 250 million people, out of which %63 are young. Moreover, it is a developing country that has a vast potential to develop. We have seen exceptional growth in recent years in the technology sector. So we have all the talent to create the country and produce a workforce. So that can globally work and make a promising impact.

What is the Most Important Thing about Entrepreneurship and Sustainability?

I believe that entrepreneurship and sustainability are something that you build up from scratch. Moreover, you can do any business having a lot of money in your pocket. But real entrepreneurship is to start and stand a business without the money and only have an idea in mind.

Who is your Role Model or someone you admire as an Entrepreneur?

It is hard to mention only one but I’d say Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson.

Any Advice for future generation/ youth/ aspiring entrepreneurs?

For entrepreneurs, I have some advice that you should promote culture in your organizations based on the rule “Hire Fast, Fire Faster and Promote Fastest”. So, This is something that can help you a lot in your start-ups. For young people, I would like to say that effort and struggle in the right direction is the key to success. So, while doing any job/project, fail early as possible and try to learn the reasons which led to your failure. Moreover, be consistent in what you are doing and avoid becoming a job hopper in your life. It will not give stability in your career.


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