Six creative things to make with cardboard boxes in your free time

It is said that creativity is the heart of invention. It means that if a person is creative enough to think out of the box he will be able to invent many different things from very ordinary materials available to him. Using this potential, you can explore many creative things to make with cardboard boxes. This will help you invest your time in doing productive work. Moreover, the outcome of these efforts will also give you motivation and happiness. Hence, there are many things that a person can make using the boxes. 

The importance of creativity:

Creativity is very important in the life of any person. It helps the person to bring some colours to his life and also explore smart ways of doing things. Hence, there are many ways in which a person may use this creativity to make very amazing things. The following are the most creative idea that will help you make the best use of the cardboard box.

Make a decoration piece:

You can use the custom cardboard packaging to make a very pretty decoration piece that you can place anywhere in your house. The advantage of the custom boxes is that they have various shapes, sizes and colours. Hence, if you come across a box that is very cool and you do not wish to waste it, you can make a good décor out of it. You can make a square vase in which you can place flowers. Moreover, you can also paste some very cool decorative items on the box that will help increase the value of the decoration item. 

Make a wind chime:

If you have a box that is quite elongated, you can also make a wind chime from it. For this, you may use a razor blade to cut very amazing patterns on the box. Then paste a thread or some nylon thread on the top of the box through which you can hang the wind chime. Take some seashells or some other thing that will make a very soothing sound in collision with the air. Bind these seas shells with the nylon thread and then attach the thread with the wind chime. You can also make some designs on the wind chime by pasting pearls on the box or you can also make some followers on it using poster colours. 

After you are done with making it, place it somewhere at the entrance of the house so that as air passes through it, it will create a very soothing sound. This will also help make the house look very good. Such small things in the house show the creative potential of the people living within it. 

Make a pen holder:

The best way to make use of a small custom cardboard packaging is to make a pen holder out of it. For this, you just need to remove the lid of the box. You can cover the box with some colorful paper. On the paper, you can also draw something. You can also use this to engage children where you can give boxes to children and ask them to make creative penholders with these boxes. The children may use arts and crafts to design the box. Or, if they have a good drawing, they can also do that on the box. 

Make a bag:

You can also use the box to make a small bag that you can use to give someone a gift. For this also, you need to remove the lid of the box. On the upper sides of the box, make small holes through which you can pass ribbons that will serve as holdings for the bag. For the rest of the box, cover it with some paper, poster colours or some other art and craft ideas. You can use such a box to give as a gift to someone as you can place anything in it. Such a bag will make an amazing gift hamper as it will have very ample space inside it. 

Create a makeup box:

Custom cardboard packaging can also make a very good makeup box. You can make compartments in the box and place the makeup according to the available space. If you have a small mirror, you can also paste that mirror on the box as it will also make the box look very proper. You can make a compartment for lipsticks and one for putting the eye makeup kit. You can place the makeup in your box according to your convenience so that when you need the makeup, you will not have to look for the makeup from here and there. 

Make a game:

Children are always looking for engaging games and they also need new games after every short time. Hence you can use the box to make some games for the children. One idea is that you create various hurdles in the box by using straws or some other pieces of cardboard. Then you can place the ball inside the box and the game is that the child has to take the ball from one side of the box to the other.

Hence, these are some very creative things to make with cardboard boxes. These can be a very good pastime activity. Moreover, this will also help you to make good use of the cardboard instead of wasting it. These days, DIY ideas are very common as they help you make very amazing things on a very less budget. So, the next time you get some box, save it and utilize it to make a creative thing from it. You can also gift these handmade things to your friends. These days, when no one has any time for the other person, you can make your loved ones feel very special by investing your time in them. 

Moreover, if you become an expert at making such things from the cardboard, you can also make your YouTube channel on which you can teach amazing ways to make various things from the cardboard or other such material that is easily available in the house. 


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