There is a Google Store in Pakistan for the first time!

There is a Google Store in Pakistan for the first time!

Amidst all the stories about authorities banning and re-banning social media applications, we’ve finally come across some fantastic news from the world of technology and telecom!

We have a new member in town: Google!

That’s exactly what I meant to say! Pakistan has a Google presence. Google now has a store in Pakistan, joining the hundreds of certified Google stores throughout the world. In Pakistan, Google has just built a whole new, cutting-edge creative experience store. The DHA phase 1 business sector of Lahore is where this first-ever flagship phone may be found. The store is stocked with top-of-the-line merchandise from Google.

Inquiring minds want to know: In Pakistan, for the first time, customers who prefer Google products including the Pixels devices, Nest gadgets, Chromecast dongles, and accessories can purchase them straight from the authorised store.

It is hoped that this new flagship store in Lahore, Pakistan, will enhance the customer’s shopping experience by allowing die-hard Google fans to experience the surroundings. Not only will this improve the user experience, but it will also expedite the distribution of new Google products. At 4 a.m., there are already people waiting outside of stores? There will definitely be new product introductions with this feature.

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Our complete knowledge!

Before purchasing a product, customers always want to try it out for themselves, and this is especially true today, when it comes to the user experience. What sells is what you present and provide to them. As a result of the Google shop, customers will have access to interactive locations where they can see and compare products in person. The user’s experience will be enhanced by this unique feature. Official sales representatives will be assigned to handle customer requests, product-related inquiries, and any other requests that may arise after a purchase has been made.

At the moment, Google is one of the world’s top brands, and its innovative products and efforts to improve the user experience keep it there. In addition to improving user experience, these launches would also assist developing countries like Pakistan grow economically. Big corporations like Google would help Pakistan’s digitalization, which is a priority for this government and should be, given it’s the future of the country.

Not only will an unexplored market like Pakistan be advantageous for Google, but it will also make a wide range of items available to Pakistanis.

There’s no need to sit around and wait for your beloved aunt from outside to fly to Pakistan and deliver your long-awaited Google device. First in Pakistan, you’ll be able to purchase the product as it opens worldwide, but you’ll also be able to see the product and specifications in the interactive areas before making a purchase.

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