Top 5 Most Expensive OSRS Purchases in 2022

Old School RuneScape has been around for nearly 8 years, and Jagex has added a lot of new material to the game over the years, including a lot of exotic and entertaining goods to obtain. While the majority of the game’s products are readily available and inexpensive, some of the game’s most valuable things are worth millions of dollars in OSRS gold.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 MOST EXPENSIVE goods available in Old School RuneScape!

1 – 3rd Age Pickaxe – 2.14B

3rd Age Pickaxe

We’ll start with the most expensive item in OSRS, the 3rd Age Pickaxe, which is now one of the most popular items in the game. The fact that it comes from the 3rd set makes it extremely rare, and getting one of these may truly be a life changer in OSRS.

This item has a very low drop rate, which is why it is so uncommon, and one will cost you 2.14 billion gold points in the game, which is ridiculous!

2 – 3rd Age Druidic Top and Bottom – 2.1B

3rd Age Druidic Top and Bottom

The second item on this list is likewise from the third age, but it is cosmetic attire, consisting of a druidic top and pants. This is the most costly piece of apparel available in the game, costing 2.1 billion gold points, but if you want to stand out and appear wealthy, this is the item to choose!

It’s also one of the most wonderfully constructed dresses in the game, with a great style and a slew of accessories or cosmetics that we’ll be looking at further down our list!

3 – 3rd Age Bow – 1.46B

3rd Age Bow

If you enjoy long-range weaponry and have a few billion GPs hanging about, this 3rd age bow might be the finest option for you. This bow, like the rest of the 3rd Age set, is exceedingly rare, but that’s not the only thing that makes it valuable; it’s also one of the most potent long-range weapons in the game.

This 3rd age bow will cost you 1.46B and has the capacity to launch dragon arrows. I believe it is well worth the money and may be the best investment for the future!

4 – 3rd Age Druidic Cloak – 1.1B

3rd Age Druidic Cloak

As previously stated, the 3rd age druidic set includes a number of cosmetic items, one of which is this. Getting a full 3rd age druidic set is the way to go if you want to be the best and have everyone pay attention to you.

This 3rd age druidic cloak will set you back 1.1 billion gold points, and if you don’t have anything better to do with your gold, you can always buy it.

5 – 3rd Age Longsword – 1B

3rd Age Longsword

This is the kind of thing I’m talking about: a product that is both functional and attractive. The 3rd Age Longsword is the most costly sword in the game, costing about 1 billion GPs, and it is definitely a worthwhile purchase!

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